The prehistoric Eurasians: The Proto-Indo-Europeans

European Origins

The Proto-Indo-Europeans are considered to be the speakers of a language ancestral to all living and dead Indo-European languages. If they – and, for that matter, the language that they spoke – existed in the first place remains controversial, as the vast majority of our knowledge about this prehistoric people is reconstructed by using the linguistic comparative method, substituted by archaeological finds and archaeogenetic studies.

Facial Reconstruction of a Proto-Indo-European
Facial Reconstruction of a Proto-Indo-European.

The Indo-European Homeland

The Urheimat (a German term used in historical linguistics, describing the place of origin of a language) of this mysterious people has been located in various different places in the past, yet the generally most widely accepted theory today is Marija Gimbutas Kurgan Hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, the Proto-Indo-Europeans originated in the Pontic-Caspian Steppes in modern-day Russia and spread throughout Eurasia in differentmigrationevents over several millennia.

Indo-European Homeland
Different proposed homelands. By User:Ilario – Made…

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