Why Socialism is more Religious than Irreligious in Deeds and Words

The Fourth Estate

It is written in the closing paragraph of Achtung-Panzer! that Heinz Guderian once wrote:

Actions speak louder than words.

Religious opposition to Socialism is an unfortunate condition of Western Civilization, the animosity buttressed by mischaracterized accusations turned into misguided actions by both the clergy and the Socialists themselves. It is a topic addressed by Oswald Spengler in Prussianism and Socialism, a problem encountered by Vladimir Lenin and Chairman Mao within the contexts of “Social Imperialism,” and part of a similar issue which the Soviet Union, PRC and Eastern Bloc countries all had to deal with between the 1980s and 1990s. What must be stressed until it becomes clear is that all Socialisms, including the Marxist variants, are not against any religion. This is not to be confused for the justifiable opposition against acts of terrorism motivated by religious extremism, which is an entirely different matter altogether.

If all Socialisms…

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