Wanderings into Political Voids

The Fourth Estate

My goal to complete the SMP Compendium is still staying within schedule. If this continues, I should be able to complete the Compendium by the middle of October. Once the last Compendium entry has been completed, whichever one that may be, my next decision is to compile all of the Compendium entries in a single .PDF file. It will be made available here on The Fourth Estate as well as on Archive.org. The goal is to have everything read before the end of next month. Included with all of the Compendium entries is the “Introduction to the Work-Standard” and a discussion about why the Compendium was written in the manner that it was.

Anyone who has read the Compendium as I worked to complete it over the past four months will know that entire Compendium entries were done at various times. While writing the Compendium back in early May of…

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