Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. III of IV)

The Fourth Estate

In this part of the final SMP Compendium entry, I will be providing simulated examples of how the Work-Standard functions for Socialist Finance, Socialist Technology and the Hegelian Synthesis of both as “Socialist Fintech” (Financial Technology). Doing so will demonstrate the Jungian Synchronicity in the United States between the Federal and State governments, US Congress and the American people as a Totality, the President of the United States and the youngest high school student. I will split everything discussed here into four massive subsections: “Federalist Economic Planning Revives American Manufacturing”; “Federal-State Taxation and Investments”; “Federalist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System”; and then briefly conclude with the “United States Federalist Intranet” for the future.

We will finally conclude this Compendium entry with Wages and Prices, Paygrades, Unified SSE, Council Democracy, Electoral College, State and Federal governments. Rounding that final Compendium entry is me offering a…

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2 thoughts on “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. III of IV)

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to say that I am impressed with how well this particular SMP Compendium entry. I hoped you liked it. It has helped immensely in my efforts to understand the United States better in more ways than the entirety of my high school and university education over the past ten years. What’s more, I am now confident that I have an idea on how to address the problems of the political process as of late.

    All the problems in the local, state and federal governments are caused by a dysfunctional compromise between Prussian Council Democracy and English Parliamentary Democracy.

    Our Electoral College is the key.


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    1. Hello Duty and Honor,

      This entry is absolutely brilliant. I look forward to giving it another read this evening, in which I will reread the first two entries on this Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget.

      You have done tremendous work; it is headed in an incredible direction.

      As an aside to this entry, earlier today I read Wanderings into Political Voids for the first time and really, really gained alot from your insight into how I shall approach your entries as I read them retroactively.

      Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism is a wisely worded naming of this ideological framework. It allows me to begin reading your entries from the very beginning and keep in mind both the descriptive of the ideology (and what it implies), furthermore, in that same blog post you listed the bibliographical list of books, treatises and the other documents from which you have derived the work you have done – it’s the first time I saw your primary sources listed in one place. I am familiar with some of these works (I intend on pursuing copies of the bibliographical content I do not yet have access to and give those a good, fair read) You have given me alot to look forward to reading these coming weeks! I’m beginning to gain and gauge a broader understanding of the body of work you have penned here – truly you have laid down the framework of a new ideology! That’s what’s I have recognized in this since first discovering your material a little more than a month ago.

      Keep up the brilliant work, this is something you should hold your head up high and be proud of – this level of due diligence in this documentation of the hybrid political ideology you have derived from your sources has turned out to be quite impressive!!!


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