Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion

Banned Hipster

Just recently I listened to two podcasts that mentioned Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion, so I took the time to re-read it.

One was one of the Right Stuff podcasts, and the host mentioned COZ, said it was “interesting” but seemed hesitant. I think I know why – Reed – a patriotic Brit – does not take an uncritical view of Hitler and Nazism, and points out some inconvenient German and Communist collaboration that the Hitler As Aryan Messiah cultists can’t handle.

The Hitler cult, like any cult after the death of the Messiah and the failure to establish Paradise on Earth, has turned to spiritualism and superstition – that “Hitler escaped to Argentina” was typical for cults who missed the Rapture.

The other was a talk by E. Michael Jones and a religious Jew. Funny how Jones is far more respectful of a Jew than the “white boys”…

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