Why Beauty, Aesthetics and Pleasure are Essential to Western Civilization

Prussian Society of America

In Today’s World, Beauty and Aesthetics, while admired, have become more of a past-time, a hobby or idea for Museums from older days of glory at the peak of Western Civilization in the arts and other expression.

The Modern world of Mammon and obsession with careers has taken priority over people’s appreciation and indulgence in Beauty. Whatever it may be, observation of beauty in Nature, in oneself and others.

People themselves are not living and demonstrating the attributes of Beauty in their daily life. Only a handful of people do. The majority of what is seen or respected in society is Beauty perverted by Vanity and Narcissism.

Christianity also has convinced people to deny our desire for Beauty and Passions, to deny Desire in and of itself. To lack the responsibility to manage our Desire. However the destruction of expression in Beauty was even further ruined by the arrival of…

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