How Much Kapital Exists?

The Fourth Estate

Today, I am going to be preoccupied offline to take care of the aforementioned assignment I mentioned earlier this week. The sooner I finish it before today is over, the more time I will have to devote toward work on the one final three SMP Compendium entries. I may have to write another update to let people know once that assignment has been taken care of.

For now, I thought I should remind everyone that the abbreviation “GDM” refers to a placeholder currency I had created as part of the SMP Compendium. The World State Organization’s World Reserve Currency designation as per ISO (International Standardization Organization) protocol for currency abbreviations is “JDS.”

I am also proud to announce that the USD/GDM Exchange Rate for the final three SMP Compendium entries is “$75.00 USD for 1.00 GDM.” The GDM/JDS Exchange Rate is “100,000,000.00 GDM for 1.00 JDS.”

These are…

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2 thoughts on “How Much Kapital Exists?

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for reblogging my Blog posts and SMP Compendium entries. I thought I should appreciate your continued dedication to read what I have to write on topic.


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    1. Since I have discovered your body of work, I have paid close attention to your newest posts.

      You have authored a serious, sensible framework in the body of work, Fourth Estate Policy – Duty and Honor, has surpassed the blog designation.

      This is a body of work that more worthy eyes must see!


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