Covid “Passports” – A One-Way Ticket To Hell


In this N-19 Update I will first briefly explain why Travel Passports and Covid “Passports” are not even remotely similar.

I will then show how losing the battle against these Covid “Passports” and the Medical Apartheid the Globalists are trying to create will see us living in a Global Bio-Surveillance Police State where you have no rights to decide what is best for you or your family, even when it comes to which Medical Experiments you are subjected to.

It is astonishing that anyone could conflate a Travel Passport with a Covid “Passport”. These people are either propagandists with an agenda or dangerously ignorant / misinformed.

A Travel Passport does not require you to have an indefinite series of experimental Medical Procedures in order to have access to fundamental parts of society such as getting a job, running a business, getting an education, eating at a restaurant, attending an event…

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