Bill Ayers and the SPLC’s Teaching Tolerance Project

Conservative Free Thinkers

By The Social Contract Editors 
Volume 28, Number 3 (Spring 2018)
Issue theme: “The SPLC File – An Exclusive Report on the Southern Poverty Law Center”

Project Exploration co-founder and Executive Director Gabrielle Lyon, who received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Mentoring during a White House ceremony on January 6, 2010, served as a Fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance project. Lyon interviewed Bill Ayers for the Teaching Tolerance site in 1998 [An Unconditional Embrace, Spring 1998].

In the interview, Ayers, a former Weather Underground fugitive and self-described communist, is portrayed merely “as a civil rights organizer, radical anti-Vietnam War activist, teacher and author” and as an educator who has “developed a rich vision of teaching that interweaves passion, responsibility, and self-reflection.” Nowhere in the interview is there any mention of his extremist ideological views
or militant terrorist activities with a group of revolutionaries that bombed…

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