Hugo Talks: Chaos Magic Used In Today’s News Headlines

Verum Et Inventa

UK-centric topics, but very relevant regardless.

Every once in a while, I will mention how witchcraft and double-speak are used to change animal or herd behavior in humans. Chaos Magic is another example. We see chaotic and even nonsensical ploys used to steer the gullible towards a controlled result. The individual within the herd responds to external stimuli / pressure and chooses to follow what the rest of the herd is doing, rather than stick out in nonconformity. The initiator has already rocked the boat to provoke the response, and repeated rocking in the form of repeated mandates, as I said, steer the herd like half a dozen sheepdogs would guide their flock. It’s that easy, folks, and then you’re hooked and duped.

I will probably get into specifics of what I’ve learned on true magic somewhere down the line. For an example of double-speak being deciphered by another Truther…

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