0% Confucius, 100% Confusion

The Slog

Where does a commentator start in the Autumn of 2021? Here’s the stream of conscience-free consciousness of “news” we’ve been offered in the last few days….

Three major social media platforms suffered outages all on the same day – including Facebook, whose founder Mark Suckaturd faces an imminent scandal about the bending of Presidential elections, wholesale censorship and several other nasties. What can it all mean?

In Australia, a State PM has resigned and the national Deputy PM too….they’ve been accused of giving Big Pharma a free hand to run the country – but this doesn’t seem to be what’s under investigation. Now then – what’s all that about?

Priti Patel ‘vows’ (political verb meaning ‘break word’) to the Tory faithful and have a crackdown on anti-road protesters…but not apparently, several thousand more Islamic immigrants about to be ‘absorbed’ into our multicultural Utopia at a cost of ten billion pounds…

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