The Hidden Sky

Conspiracies and The Paradigm Shift

The sky has been heavily Chemtrailed across the world, and we must ask “Why?” The truth is we are approaching the end spoke of in Revelations in the Bible. However, even if you are not religious, the fact is the world’s governments are trying very hard to hide what is happening in the sky.

There is not only a planetary system moving through our own star system, but this system is causing tectonic plate shifts, volcanic activity and strange weather. Further, the government has placed a craft in space which projects light to hide this star system obscuring it with light in conjunction with the chemicals sprayed in our atmosphere.

There has been something that has happened to moon. They are using the projector on the moon, and it appears at times smaller, and at times parcially obscured by a eclipse that shouldn’t be there. Further, it has been projected…

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