Columbus Day

Vermont Folk Troth

Happy Columbus Day — Amerika — Vermont Folk Troth

We know that our society cannot go on; whatever once was has been replaced, mainly because it endorsed the ideology of those who would replace it, and what exists now works for no one. Likely this is the last Columbus Day for America.

However, for now, we should celebrate the meaning of Columbus Day, which is to celebrate the urge to explore and discover new places, creating in them the same greatness that Western Civilization has created everywhere.

This provokes resentment, and we have “indigenous people’s day” as the Leftist replacement for Columbus Day threatening to force more worship of failure. Leftists love failure, because accepting failure as equivalent to success promotes their idea of “equality.”

You can see how diversity in America has forced the nation toward the Left by erasing our majority WASP culture and replacing it with the…

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