The US Wishes China Would Just Go Away. China Of Course Has No Intention Of Doing That.

Not Something Else

The biggest headache for the US today is not Russia. They know there is nothing they can do about Russia. They can’t destroy or subdue Russia – I mean they have already tried unsuccessfully, several times. They also know they are actually more likely to destroy not only most of their allies if they attempted to do so, but also themselves.

And so they leave Russia alone, aside form the constant pestering and posturing they indulge in, consistent with the juvenile nature of their governing class.

What the US does not yet know, or is still somewhat unsure about, is whether they can destroy or subdue modern China. They have managed in times past to hold back the progress of China, by playing on and exacerbating its impoverishment while plundering its wealth (as have other nations of course – current allies of the US), but that tactic has failed all…

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