The Mandela Effect And The Holographic Universe

Conspiracies and The Paradigm Shift

There have been countless hypothesis regarding the mysterious occurrence known as the Mandela Effect.  Further, I found a corresponding occurrence I have dubbed the Paradigm Shift.  

I will cover the Paradigm Shift in a separate post. For now, I would like to discuss The idea of the Holographic Universe, and the Mandela Effect.

One of the weirdest text I have seen is from the C.I.A. in a report called Project Gateway, in which the cover the nature of reality as energy. The state in this text that our reality is a Hologram made up of the above mentioned energy.

As such, they suggest several ways to focus your energy, including Transcendental Meditation as well as biofeedback. They state that by focusing your energy like a laser, you can create the reality as you see fit.

Furthermore, they imply that reincarnation is a reality, as well as alternate dimensions are also…

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