The Anatomy Of Evil

Conspiracies and The Paradigm Shift

This is a age old question,” What is Evil?” With possible answers ranging from,”The devil made me do it.” To, ” He was just evil.” To, ” he was misunderstood, so he was a product of his environment.”

However, let’s for a moment, analyze the idea of beings, noncorporial that we call demons. What are they? You may ask, and rightly so just what are these beings? Further, why do the harbor such hatred towards humans?

That question is difficult to answer, what they are is between a protagonist, and a leech that affixing itself the a human, and feeds on the humans life-force, and somehow also benefits from causing the host as much illwill and pain as possible. Mental , Emotional and Physical.

Why?  If their existence has always been noncorporial, is it just the energy given off by the human? Or is it something else? They have plagued…

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