Steve Koonin & The Factcheckers


By Paul Homewood

I was asked last week about the factchecker smear of Steve Koonin’s book, earlier in the year.

Steve himself posted a detailed reply in May, which I have summarised below.

The original text is in bold, and the factcheckers’ comments in italics. Steve’s response follows, headed SK.

I have also added a few brief comments of my own in




”Greenland’s ice sheet isn’t shrinking any more rapidly today than it was eighty years ago.”

This statement is untrue. In fact, the Greenland Ice Sheet lost more mass during 2003–2010 than during all of 1900–2003 combined.


Response: The “fact check” does not refute the statement quoted, which is about the rate of sea level rise 80 years ago. Quoting the rate over the seven-year period 2003–2010 is not climatologically relevant. And comparison of the rate over the twenty years from 1983 with the average…

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