Notes on the US Economy

The Fourth Estate

This final SMP Compendium entry is split into three parts, the Intent of which is to demonstrate how everything discussed throughout the Compendium is able to coalesce and assume all-American forms in these United States of America. My fellow Americans, let us begin illustrating the scenario of the final Compendium entries. We must realize that there are only two ideologies in the American Way of Life: Hamiltonianism and Jeffersonianism. America, unlike Europe and Germany in particular, is blessed with all the resources and manpower it needs to pursue Hamiltonianism under the Constitution and yet we do not realize this. Still, no other country since the 18th century dares to ask: is this Federalist Union subject to the will of all Americans as a “Totality” or a single American and their State as an “Individual?”

What I see in these United States, thanks to the Work-Standard…

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