Hidden Holocaust – Communist Genocide of Croats in World War II

Political Reactionary

Croats are, in fact, the greatest victims of World War II in Yugoslavia. While much is made of Ustashi crimes in Jasenovac and elsewhere, these are used only to hide even greater crimes of Communists during and after World War II. Fact is that only Croats were mass murdered after World War II.

Statistics clearly show this. In 1931., population of Yugoslavia counted 6 085 482 Croats and 6 785 499 Serbs. In 1948., there were 5 199 770 Croats (85% of the prewar number, or 885 712 fewer) and 7 783 046 Serbs (115% of the prewar number, or 997 547 more). This means that demographic loss of Croats due to World War II is full 30% (115% – 85%), or in real numbers, 1 798 534 people. Of course, not all of them died. Around 157 000 people emigrated between 1941. and 1948., which means that actual casualties…

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