Critical Race Theory Proves Unpopular In Virginia

Banned Hipster

ANITA BLANTON, WAVY: How do you define critical race theory? TERRY MCAULIFFE: I answer this question very clearly. It is not taught in Virginia and has never been taught in Virginia. I've said this a lot. It is a dog whistle. It is racial. It is division. And it is used by Glenn Youngkin and others -- and it is the same thing as Trump and the border wall -- to divide people. We should not be dividing people in school... ANITA BLANTON: But how do you define it? MCAULIFFE: Doesn't matter, it is not taught here in Virginia. I'm not going to spend my time because the school board and everyone else has said it is not taught. It is racist. It is a dog whistle. ANITA BLANTON: How can we say it is racist if we don't have a definition? I just want a definition from you. MCAULIFFE:…

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