Contemporary Racial Divergence in Genotypic IQ

Ideas and Data

This post is about the degree to which racial groups are currently evolving apart with respect to genotypic intelligence and how this degree of contemporary divergence should inform debates about the causes of pre existing racial IQ gaps.

It has been well established that variance in IQ within each race is significantly due to genes. Moreover, among American blacks, whites, and Hispanics, the heritability of IQ is roughly the same. The data suggests that the heritability of IQ among Asian Americans may be somewhat lower, but our confidence in this should be lessened by the fact that there isn’t much data on this group.

Pesta et al., 2020

It is also widely known that there is a negative correlation in contemporary populations such that those with lower IQ scores tend to have more children. Importantly, the extent of this negative correlation is not the same in each race.

Reeve et…

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