All News Is Fake News

North of Boston

My old pal Matt Purple has another fascinating piece on the coronavirus pandemic in The Spectator USA. According to Matt, our worst fears have been realized: “your conspiracy theorist friends were right”—COVID was engineered in a Wuhan lab that received funding from the U.S. government.

“In fairness,” writes Mr. Purple,

nothing that’s emerged over the last month has confirmed that the coronavirus came from a Chinese facility. Many good-faith scientists continue to believe that it was zoonotic, meaning it emerged through animal-to-human contact. Yet if the lab leak theory is true—and we now have more evidence than ever to suggest that it is—then the broad-stroke narrative that emerges sounds like a cobweb strung across the dankest corner of Alex Jones’s hippocampus: the United States funded a Chinese lab that produced a virus that killed 3.7 million people, then tried to cover it up.

Like me, Matt’s a journalist. Unlike…

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