Wrestling the Braying Mob: Experience of Discussion With Leftists

Political Reactionary

Discussing politics on a left-wing forum or in a left-wing community is, generally, one of the most annoying – even painful – experiences a person can have online. To a Leftist, disagreement is treason, and they make their feelings on the matter very clear.

In a civilized online community, there is an etiquette to enable discussion. This includes a limit on how many people may reply to a poster.

But in a community dominated by leftist ideals, there is no such limit. Instead, any dissident is dogpiled by a mob of angry leftists eager to deny his arguments, but said denails rarely have any argumentation of their own (some do, but most do not). Instead, responses are either general (“this does not make any sense”) or try to induce an emotional response – particularly feelings of shame or guilt (“you are embarrasing yourself”, “you are defending literally Hitler”). An argument…

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