Why Israel so totally and completely detests and despises Europe.

Conflict Resolution

Europeans have the known excuse of “I am just following orders syndrome”. Nations have national interests. The leftright divide exists as a show to entertain the ignorant masses. Spain employs bull fights to accomplish the same result.

The Shoah did not limit itself to the Germans. The Allies refused to bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps b/c they viewed the senseless murder of Jews as less damaging than that those German soldiers required to slaughter unarmed Jewish men women and children … better that inferior Jews suffer brutal murder than that those German soldiers kill Allied soldiers fighting on the fronts!!

The Soviet army stopped its advance, thus permitting the Nazi scum to obliterate the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Britain passed the White Paper in 1939 which closed “British Palestine” to Jews attempting to flee from Nazi evil.

I listen to the claptrap noise from EU foreign ministers…

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7 thoughts on “Why Israel so totally and completely detests and despises Europe.

  1. Paragraph II: “The Soviet army stopped its advance, thus permitting the Nazi scum to obliterate the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Britain passed the White Paper in 1939 which closed “British Palestine” to Jews attempting to flee from Nazi evil.”

    Paragraph IV (last line): “Israelis like myself will not permit arrogant European barbarians to ever again play God and judge Jews.”

    YOU VERY LITERALLY RE-POSTED A ONE OF THEM, this is not simply a lesser Jew but a Zionist of all things who equates EU policy ironically to Goebbels Propaganda & Evil European Imperialism in their own words!


    “Mosckerr” the author a.k.a “Conflict Resolution” liked your post even.

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    1. It’s important to show the minced words of those who are without a whim into the real history….there’s a method to displaying this, perhaps I must make this more explicit…


      1. “It’s important to show the minced words of those who are without a whim into the real history”

        Eric, that is only a valid point if you’re placing a strongly emphasized caveat that you are not supporting this specific author & his content but you are in fact quoting his work for contextual understanding of the enemy’s rhetoric.

        Which is not remotely apparent here, you liked the original post on an overtly Pro-Jewish & Adversely Anti-European blog, “Mosckerr” even thanked you even for re-blogging & liked the re-post on your on blog.

        Understand that regardless of your basic intention, if you or I showed this to anyone it would imply that you’re agreeing with this author, corroborating their content & placing an endorsement of their ideas with your namesake involved.

        Read the comments here: https://cheriewhite.blog/2021/06/16/why-bullies-bully-in-large-groups/

        You know for absolute certainty I disabled the “re-blog” feature on my own site, in fact it was to prevent people who “don’t read” from endorsing my content on their own site.

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      2. Your advice and constructive criticism is very helpful here. The intention was to bring a series of the Tetragrammaton fiat-debt-death legerdemain. That’s what I intended on calling it. Standpoints that show the enemy is their purest form: LYING.

        And yes, I place a like to the lie for it satisfied the need at that moment for a piece of pure Jewelry. His comments were spent to spam on my blog, therefore I missed the exchange. His comment was a perfect, Jewish lie. I want to begin this series and do it correctly. You’re absolutely right. You have been tremendous help to me. There are sentiments I hold with such extreme self-propelled volition, I can sit like patience on a monument. There are times I have trouble articulating (via blog posting) the gusto of what I am aiming for…

        There is no difference between a reason and an excuse. I accept responsibility for the fact that if I do not follow thru with my intended means-to-an-end, it works against the grain of the very objective of what was intended at the onset.


      3. Clarity of the penned word (context of communication or expression) is of the utmost importance, the detriment of many from what I see online is that either due to complacency or lack of responsive tact is that one tends to expect everyone (audience/readers) to understand their words means without being able to fathom the weight of their own words.

        One’s audience is not responsible for providing context, the author/speaker etc., is always 100% of the time responsible for providing said context this is not simply isolated to just your case either but it appears to be a bad trend proliferating among (online) social portals.

        Better than to be aware & then change, than repeat the same mistake over & over, for that is the formal definition of “Insanity”.

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      4. It is noted. I make that mistake. A big part rests on my previous existence on Usenet, long ago. The communities I would post content of my own in for a very long time, my “crew” came to know the implied emphasis, tone, pitch, annotation, enunciation, stress, sarcasm, etc on my style.

        I take it for granted, that I have not exactly established anywhere near that type of relationship with like-minds on this blog,

        There is a real sense of respect and responsibility I owe to the dissident community and clearly expressing what it is I am intending to express is paramount.

        Some people might take it the wrong way, perhaps. Not me, Constructive criticism is needed on my end. There is a will I wish to share with those with eyes to see – it is time for me to harden the fuck up, get my shit in order, when it comes to the intention of this blog.

        Crush the occupation. Their occupation of my country.

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      5. I know for absolute certainty that many take it the wrong way, I have been blocked by at least two dissident bloggers on that stipulation alone, that is one of the fundamental flaws of said movement, no one is permitted to justly criticize when warranted or else they are deemed “divisive”, worst off is when one knows there are others who share critique but are fearful of voicing their critique for it will affect their appearances in-group, which is just another facet of B.S.

        One should not reject the establishment status quo in favor of an alternative status quo that is not much better in contrast.

        As I have stated on on of my last posts, clique mentality & Ethnic/Racial/Cultural collectivism should not be equated to the same thing either, yet sadly it appears to be the case for the most part.

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