The Israel-UAE-Bahrain Peace Deal is About Oil

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This must be the reason why Germany is trying to squeeze a better oil deal from Russia with the Navalny poisoning.

It’s important to note the timing of Navalny’s poisoning: it was 6 days after the European Union rejected Pompeo when he demanded the EU to sanction Iran.

Pompeo was humiliated on the 14th, then Navalny was poisoned on the 20th.

https://www  .rferl  .org/a/iran-eu-snapback-sanctions-nuclear-russia/30787434.html

https://www  .washingtonpost  .com/world/europe/navalny-poisoning-russian-opposition-leader-hospitalized/2020/08/20/290fbd58-e29c-11ea-82d8-5e55d47e90ca_story.html

Russian leaders know that poking the Navalny bear would be a serious detriment to the Nordstream pipeline’s completion, so why would they have poisoned Navalny at such a sensitive time?

Navalny, according to Russian people on the internet, (Russian shitposters) is pretty much a nobody in Russia, and his only value in the political arena exists simply as fodder for western rags to maintain their decades long campaign to stir up controversy maligning Russia.

The Novichok that Germany claims was used against Navalny…

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