The Gronbech Files: Soul

The Sperg Box

Reading Gronbech’s book has proven to have been erstwhile. So much so that I couldn’t hope to have crushed all I have learnt, felt or known from the book into a single review. What’s struck me hardest, was how much a good deal of he writes speaks to me. It speaks to a world that we think of as lost, but rather instead sleeps within. While I won’t preach from the rooftops what I think of this in capital letters, I will say that there are a great many truths to be gleaned from even a cursory reading of these kinds of books.

Acknowledging as I must that the Forever Quest for the big-t Truth only reached full-steam after Christendom settled itself upon us, I will nevertheless say that Gronbech’s observations touch on a great many little-t truths. And in a world of Hegelian Synthesis, such as those of us…

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