Robber Baron Capitalism in Four Lessons – Part I: The Subjective Theory of Value

Pragmatically Distributed

At Pragmatically Distributed we don’t mind ambitious multi-objective programming: We know how to hit our objectives. Today’s objectives – Demonstrate what role the state should play in economic value signalling, and justify the state designing the business environment differently for different sectors of the economy rather than treating all sectors equally.

We will also wean you Libertarians off of primitive Anarcho-Libertarianism and mold you into Capitalists worthy of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln. Or, at least, we will mold those of you talented enough to adopt Hamilton’s Robber Baron Capitalism. Which is probably only a small number of you people, but that is of no consequence. It suits Hamiltonian interests given we are targeting an elite audience instead of a mass one; we can and will do very well by preferring quality to quantity.

To meet our goals we take Ludwig von Mises’ subjective theory of value, and use…

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