Opinions and Perspectives – 3 – How much CO2 will there be? And Activists in Disguise

The Science of Doom

If you pay attention to the media reporting on “climate change” (note 1) you will often read/hear something like this:

Under a business as usual scenario..

And then some very worrying future outcomes. Less misleading, but still very misleading, you might read:

Under a high emissions scenario..

Every time I have checked the papers that are behind the press release faithfully reproduced by the stenographers in the media, they are referring to a model simulation using a scenario of CO2 emissions known as RCP8.5.

This scenario – explained below – is a fantastic scenario, and was not created because it was expected to happen.

So – calling it “business as usual”, charitably speaking, is from climate scientists who know nothing about history, demography, current & past trends. And uncharitably, is from climate scientists who are activists, pressing a cause, knowing that stenographers don’t do research or ask difficult questions.


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