Black Lives Murder II

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The Marxist organization known as “Black Lives Matter” would be more accurately seen as a riot machine and an extortion racket. Ultimately, BLM (Black Lives Murder) is a violent crime generator. Coincident with the rise of BLM, murder rates in the US rose by 30%.

BLM Riots Across America

About 77 percent of reported murders in 2020 were committed with a firearm, the highest share ever reported, up from 67 percent a decade ago.

The change in murder was widespread — a national phenomenon and not a regional one. Murder rose over 35 percent in cities with populations over 250,000 that reported full data.

It also rose over 40 percent in cities 100,000 to 250,000, and around 25 percent in cities under 25,000.

Murders Continue Higher Under BLM Regime

BLM has been welcomed into the mainstream of American society, with corporate America pledging over $1 billion to the violent…

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