A Post for the Israeli Web Traffic Nodes to My Blog – SHALOM! And – THE FUN CONTINUES!

Reposting from a few hours ago…Israeli traffic up 30% from yesterday!!!

Come find me on the dark web battle field you quirky ZZ-top looking, water-shy mumzarz


Approximately 10% of my web traffic this month has come from Israel. Actually, since I posted this post on the Cyber-Shoah, the web traffic has been heavy.

This post: https://muunyayo.com/2021/09/06/cyber-shoah-israeli-municipal-database-hacked-and-for-sale/

First of all, to any/all Israeli participants in the ransomware games – YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE!!!

You can find me on IRC if you’d like to negotiate a truce. Just kidding…find me on IRC anyways…you nudniks owe my country $4 billion per annum, retroactive to 1948.

Poor OpSec on the end of your defense is gonna fuck you right up your nigger-rich black-hat ass! Welcome to the dark web death camp!!!


One of the most frequent visitors is directly from the Israel Interuniversity Computation Center, where I’ve learned that the fucking weak retards too scrawned out, weak and drug addicted go to work towards their military conscription responsibilities go and…

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