The Nostalgia Trap

The Sperg Box

None but the basest of Normies would deny that there is no secret Nostalgia has become a big business. Sure, you have a legion of Boomers pining for the glory days of bad music, of Sammy Hagar, whose music sounds like a cat being groomed by a Chinaman. Sure. You have others who wish you could go back to the fifties. Then of course, the truest and most galaxy brained take comes from people who thanks to the blessings of Clown World can unironically be nostalgic for times their births missed by years and decades. How delightful.

This writer, yours truly, is called a Millennial. He isn’t sure he appreciates the title or the baggage, and doesn’t relate well to other Millennials. However, labels are always useful measuring sticks to stir the melting pot with. But, one thing I cannot deny is that my generation seems uniquely equipped to embrace…

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