The Biggest Winner of the Withdrawal from Afghanistan is the US Defense Industry

Pragmatically Distributed

The biggest winner of the withdrawal from Afghanistan turned out to be the US defense industry because it scared the hell out of all of America’s First World allies.

When our wealthiest allies in Europe and Asia looked at the withdrawal in horror they were not so much horrified by our exit from Afghanistan, in and of itself.

What they were really visualizing was not the future of Central Asia but, instead, what an American withdrawal would mean for stability in their own neighborhood, no matter if we withdrew in a perfectly orderly military operation.

To Asians an American exit from the Pacific would be guaranteed to mean the new, replacement, hegemon over all of Asia would be a government that just released a biological weapon on the entire planet.

No matter what issues the First World has with American diplomacy the negatives of US hegemony are trivial (and…

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