International Silence


Pictured: What “Quarantine Camps” Look Like In Practice.

Are you are wondering why the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Europe aren’t condemning Australia for human rights abuses?

It is because they are all coordinating this together (The “Five Eyes” Network along with the rest of the NWO, such as the higher ranking members of the EU Commission).

Within months (if that) they will follow Australia’s lead, who by that point will will likely be shooting live ammunition at protesters and locking Political Dissidents in the Concentration camps they are building.

All whilst justifying it by calling them Right-Wing Terrorists.

Which they have already started doing, in addition to using Counter-Terrorism Officers on unarmed civilians who are under “suspicion” of wanting to peacefully protest the destruction of their civil liberties, livelihoods and lives. Because that is a crime now that human rights have ceased to exist.

Because, as I never…

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