End The Jewish Financial System Now • Occidental Dissent

Source: http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2021/10/06/end-the-jewish-financial-system-now/

The idea that Whites are required to maintain civilization has been proven to be incorrect. Sure, we are the pinnacle of civilization, the alpha and omega, but we are no longer necessary for the future that the elites, people who are rich beyond your wildest dreams, envision. They want a controlled population that goes along with whatever mandates or edicts for which they decide. The belief in personal liberties or freedoms has long since passed.

Whites are a problem to the elites because we believe we are better than the rest of the world. The White plumber who is servicing the rich Jew’s toilet believes himself to be superior in every way other than his personal bank statement. This is a problem for elites since they consider most Whites to be niggers too.

So what is our future?

The future for Whites is either to become ungovernable or race-mix like every other country in the Western Hemisphere and evolve into the mystery meat that the Virginia Corporation envisioned us to be. Like Hispanic America, the evil corporations who literally founded the USA wanted White people to racially mix with all the Amerinds and Blacks so the populace could become early controlled. The White people of the time decided otherwise, so this is considered a problem to this day—Whites refusing to race mix.

Every economic incentive in the USA is geared towards White people race-mixing by the elites. People who do are lauded in social medial and TV, but those who oppose it are considered evil and requiring condemnation. Race-mixing is sold as being as American as apple pie by the evil elites of the USA.

The only real power the elites have over Whites is economic disenfranchisement. This is why I support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are the way forward for our people. The US Government has been proven time and again to be controlled by anti-White Jews who want us eradicated. Our only hope is to create a new financial system where Jews are not the ones controlling the levers of power.

We must stop believing the USA is “our” country and realize the only way we can survive is by becoming as independent from it as possible. We must create an economic system that favors our own people and rewards those who are loyal to our cause. The future of our people is becoming who we are by supporting our own financially. In other words, fuck the kikes because they are obviously against us and only we can save ourselves by living everyday by those 14 beautiful words.

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