Both The CDC And US Government Prepare For Mass Gun Confiscation, Britain Prepares For Permanent Martial Law, FBI Mass-Targets Political Dissidents, New York Begins Starving Tens Of Thousands And California Mandates Child Experimentation


I have repeatedly warned that the CDC, after putting out their papers on building “Quarantine” (Concentration) Camps in America…

…were going to try and take away your guns once they purged the Military…

…And not even 2 months later they have just announced a new study on “gun violence” after labeling it a “public health threat,” aiming to “craft swift interventions, as they have done to contain the coronavirus “pandemic” and other “national health emergencies”.

Also, the “National Defense Bill 2022” includes red flag laws to allow Military Courts to ban members from owning firearms. Right before they purge the Military of Political Dissidents, who are easily identified as the ones who wont take “the vaccine” (Communists despise the “disobedient”).

These actions are in line with the article I wrote in August about the “Dishonorable Discharges” being to ease the path for mass gun confiscation from…

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