Afghanistan & America’s Crisis of Moron Foreign Policy Analysts Who Confuse Military Objectives with Nation Building

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The advance of the Taliban on Kabul has revealed America’s foreign policy crisis, and it has nothing to do with the Taliban’s progress.

The potential takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban is not a strategic failure because America’s involvement in Afghanistan was mostly a success given the constraints that we cannot terror kill civilians in order to suppress a hostile population as previous world powers did when facing insurgencies: If the Romans were in America’s situation on 911 they would have simply nuked Afghanistan from the face of the earth on 912, and never thought twice about it afterwards.

For the most part the only military mistake was that the withdrawal occurred about 5 to 8 years later than it should have.

Otherwise the mission went about as well is it could have with only 2,400 US soldiers lost in 20 years; a fraction of the 20,000 Americans who died…

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