Why Democrats Hate Working Class White People

Banned Hipster

I think I first noticed the haters in New York around the 2004 elections. This was the first time I came across successful people who were driven by hate. I had known some unsuccessful people driven by hate: specifically, a set of actual late 90’s Antifa types I knew briefly. Literally, just a bunch of punk losers who picked up some political jargon for social signaling purposes and to have an out-group they could justify hating. The Antifa propaganda was embarrassingly simplistic and anti-intellectual, literally, thought-terminating cliches in Winnie-the-Pooh comic form.

But in 2004, the smart and successful white – and Jewish – crowd in NYC truly really did hate; and it wasn’t just contempt, it was active and aggressive hate. Partially, this was a backlash to Bush, and Bush was seen as the product of Evangelical Christians, and boy, oh boy, did they hate Evangelical Christians. Evangelical Christians were…

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