The GOP Founders, Their Counterfeiting Ring, And The Mormon Mafia’s Sex Trafficking Connections to Austro-Hungary’s Hapsburg Dynasty

Banned Hipster

My favorite author, Andrea Nolen, knocks another historical investigation out of the park.

Monroe, Wisconsin: The Wild Midwest

One of the founders of the Republican party, Salmon P. Chase, served as Lincoln’s Treasury Secretary, and was known for his “Greenbacks” monetary policy that helped win the war.

What no one ever mentions is that as a judge, he had previously granted pardons to a ring of counterfeiters and then hired that ring of counterfeiters to run his Greenbacks operations.

Then, the amazing story of Mormon Patriarch Brigham Young’s son, John Willard Young:

ASC was not McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt and Hanna’s first attempt at supplying the British with warships. The first attempt started in 1901 when Mormon leader Brigham Young’s son John Willard Young set up the United States Shipbuilding Company (USSC). The USSC represents an informal relationship between Mormon leadership and the Federal government.

John Willard Young was Brigham’s…

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