Outsider Syndrome

The American Sun

Submitted by Withered Rose

If you have been in the dissident right for more than a couple months, and by “in” I mean anything from consuming content or being on telegram to appearing on podcasts and writing articles, you will notice a peculiar type of dysfunctionality. At times it will manifest itself as a feud between two factions over personalities or ideological differences, other times as a cultic devotion to some historical figure or movement. If you are worried that I am about to repeat the tired trope “can’t we all just get along”, or the even more tired “we have to stop living in the past” line, I promise this is not that article. What is interesting, is why the dissident right is seemingly more prone to feuds and, frankly, autism than other sub-cultures. Short answer: Outsider Syndrome.

Outsider Syndrome is a phrase currently in circulation in step-parenting and…

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