A Mari Usque Ad Mare

The current FAUXVID crisis is caused by panic. Not the disease, but panic. Charlatans and con artists always appear, to profit from such panic. Usually, governments try to keep peace and order in such times. Our governments are not, as they are the con artists, and they are profiting from the panic by modulating it to whatever politically expedient ends they think of at the time.

I’m calling the current Spanish word for the Sun virus phenomenon FAUXVID. It simply works, and perhaps might prevent censorship of this blog in the future. FAUXVID has been an interesting phenomenon. I cannot think of anytime in my life when a disease had such a profound effect. (AIDS was a biggie back in the 80s, but FAUXVID says ‘hold my Tsingtao’.) This crisis has hit everything. Supply chains, financial markets, every level of politics. It has led to the broadest imposition of state…

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