Hinduism – The last Indo-European Religion (?) -Part 1

European Origins

Indo-European Religion

Speakers of Indo-European languages now dominate the globe (linguistically), with languages like English, Spanish, French and Portuguese at the forefront, thanks to the Age of Colonialisation. As has been examined in a previous article, Indo-European culture and social norms have had a big impact on modern European and European-influenced societies. This is true for many aspects concerning family life, marriage and arguably the hierarchy within families, companies and even governments. But if one starts to look for traces of Proto-Indo-European Religion the search for remnants turns out to be much more difficult (in western societies at least). Despite this there are two different areas in which traces can be found:

Firstly, and possibly more obviously, Indo-European belief systems such as the ancient Greek or Roman pantheons, have been replaced by other religions, such as Christianity. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise then that myths and legends…

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