Famous Animals of New England — New England Today

Vermont Folk Troth

Animals have always been a vital part of New England life and New England storytelling, from the oxen in the field to the dog by the hearth, from E.B. White’s Charlotte the spider and Dr. Seuss’s hat-wearing cat to Stephen King’s Cujo. (And let’s not forget our favorite monsters of the deep, from Jaws and Moby-Dick.) But believe it or not, some New England’s best animal stories are true. Here are a few of our favorite real-life famous animals of New England.

Though the date and details of his birth are unknown, the dog that would become the most decorated canine in U.S. military history was scrounging food on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, when he began his journey to fame. In 1917, after being found wandering the Yale University campus, he was unofficially adopted by members of the 102nd Infantry, who had been training there. They taught him tricks…

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