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This is an off-the-cuff though done straight from my ghetto phone. So forgive the lack of format.

Anyway. Was checking out Marcel’s blog on European Origins – you should too.

It got me to thinking about a recurring question in my life. What does America’s European Occult archaeology mean?

The kneejerk response is that it’s all fake because it doesn’t fit the rainbow coalition narrative. It smacks of uncomfortable historical metalanguage. Well, at least it does if you’re a paranoid identitarian with comfort zones to the far left of centre.


Let us name a few. There is the Gokstad Coin, Spirit Pond Runestone and map found in Maine. New Hampshire has the Mystery Hill Stonehenge and Ogham. In Massachusetts apparently there is a mysterious tower supposedly predating Plymouth Rock. Kensington Runestone stands in Kentucky.

Nevermind the Solutrean hypothesis and the Kennewick Man. I’m taking about material culture.

In Newfoundland…

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