Merrick Garland Open Terrorism Investigation Into Parents Attending School Board Meetings

Banned Hipster

Let’s see … last year parents started showing up to their local school boards demanding that the schools stop “teaching” their children “Critical Race Theory.”

As this blog has documented for a while now, “Critical Theory” was invented by the so-called “Frankfurt School,” a number of mostly Jewish Communist who fled Germany and came to America. They were hired by the American Jewish Committee to “study” Americans and figure out which ones were “fascist.”

Their “findings?” White American – who are not Jewish – tend to be high on the “F-Scale” – the “Fascism-Scale” – if they are, for instance, Christian (not Jewish.) If they are conservative. If they respect their parents. If they believe in the importance of family. If they are sexually restrained.

“Critical Race Theory” is just another permutation of the American Jewish Committee’s The Authoritarian Personality. And parents were getting real tired of it, demanding that…

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