“Everything Is Coming Apart”. Do You Sense That?

Not Something Else

The world, or that part of it which does not dwell in Sleepy Hollow (and Sleepy Hollows can be found everywhere), is now in panic mode. That, I think, is the basic reason for the introduction of the COVID pandemic almost 2 years ago. The powers that be, recognised then that time was up for the human civilisation experiment, and decided to do something in a vain attempt to keep control of the coming situation – the situation that we now find ourselves in (no longer ‘standing on the threshold of’, but now deep within the reality of collapsing systems). You may not have felt it yet, but you soon will.

I tried to give some sense of the urgency of that in my previous post a few hours ago, and now I want to bring you two diverse voices to expand on that. Incidentally, October 15 is not important…

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