Academic Self-governance

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Professors left campus for 18+ months and now they are stunned that academic self-governance has been eroded into utter insignificance. They keep trying to offer their opinions and I’m tired of saying, “Look, I’m sorry, but nobody is soliciting our input. We are being issued directives that we must follow. We’ve been completely removed from the decision-making process.”

“Yes, but we always decided these things ourselves!”

You relinquished your power for 1,5 years and what did you expect? That nobody would pick up what you dropped? That it would be waiting here for you whenever you deigned to come back? Sorry, my friend. It’s gone.

I’ve been on campus full-time since July 1, 2020. I’ve been wailing and screaming about this since then. But nobody was there to hear me. And now it’s too late.

There’s a very work-intensive committee I’ve been on since 2019. I don’t choose busy-work committees…

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