Trotsky, Fascism, Red-Brown, White-Ni**erism: Beyond Right Vs. Left

Banned Hipster

On the Myth of the 20th Century podcast, someone asked if the “right” and the “left” really even have any meaning anymore, and Adam Smith replied, sure, the right means order and the left means freedom. That is often formulated as centralized vs. decentralized. But these are almost para-political categories. You can’t live in a society without any order and you wouldn’t want to live in a society without any freedom. Politics – really, all social things – are about finding the correct balance of both. Nothing is ever fully centralized or decentralized, at best you are moving toward one or the other.

The United States’ first-past-the-post voting system is what leads to there being only two parties. Each of the parties has been on the right or the left of each other at different times, they are not ideological institutions themselves, they are more like Red Team and Blue…

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