Strength begets Strength

The Sperg Box

I’ve always been a loner. This means that what problems I have, that I want dealt with, I’ve had to deal with myself. Even now with resources it is arguably better to deal with your stuff by yourself, if you can. So for me to find myself working in a group setting is always odd. But being alone, it gives you a mindset that groupies don’t have. Or so I’ve come to think. I’ve likely been wrong about more important things, but there you go. Will the wonders ever cease?

A common theme I’ve run up against is that Person A strikes up a relationship with Person B. Now bearing in mind that nobody is without flaws, what follows bears no true moral judgement. Person A fixes his sight on some flaw in Person B and gets to work trying to fix it. Honourable, true. However, many times, Person A…

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