Intellectual Property and the Federalist Fortune Wheel

The Fourth Estate

A More Stylized Variation of the Federalist Fortune Wheel

“Neither Violence nor Power of the Purse fashion the Universe / Ethical Action, Spiritual Force may reshape the World’s Course”

-Hjalmar Schacht, Confessions of the Old Wizard, ca. 1956

There is a famous American phrase in the English language that goes:

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

It is a fascinating statement because gun rights activists are aware of its relevance to Property Rights, which is an important topic related to the Socialist conception of Property. In Socialism, there can only be Productive Property-as-Power and Personal Property-as-Power. Everything seems straightforward until one realizes that the state of Total Mobilization itself has given rise to other conceptions of Property like firearms or more specifically their technical patents as a definitive example of “Intellectual Property.”

I have yet to find a single American Socialist in these United States who fully realizes…

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