Tumbling Evergrande Caged Tech Giants: China Much Desperate More Dangerous 

ST Unleashed!

An ancient Chinese stratagem advises military leaders: “Loot a burning house.” The trick is easy and self-explanatory — attack when your opponent is most vulnerable.China has given, this and many other hideous ancient wisdom, paramount importance in the quest for ‘Pax Sinica’.

After the 2008-09 financial crisis, Chinese firms ventured out to procure discounted bargains worldwide, especially those with strategic utility: iron & nickel ore, oil, and innumerable other commodities that the Chinese economy became dependent on. Thanks to the debacle in Afghanistan, China has successfully deflected the COVID-19 blame and taken a head start in manufacturing. They also have a mouthwatering proposition to exploit the vulnerable situations in Afghanistan.

But despite the world presenting such opportunities, China is staring at stagnant population growth, tumbling business models, and failed ‘Common Prosperity’ program. Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communists Party (CCP) have nothing to show to ordinary…

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